How about a koala travelling around the whole world? What if he would get to Grand Canyon, admire the northern light or posing with Australian koalas? What if in the meanwhile he could also get into the sitcom The Big Bang Theory?

These are only some of possibilities that can come true. But it’s not me who writes this story.


Topy’s World is a jouney shaped by You. Crocheted creatures started their journey and go from hand to hand. Their temporary owners share the stories and photos of their trips. Should they make only half what I dreamed for them they will be the happiest creatures on Earth. Like it, follow it, share it! This is the most you can do to help them to toddle around the globe.


I started to learn crocheting in order to create a koala and send him to travel all around the World, but meanwhile I have fallen in love with crocheting. So I started to collect my crochet projects in the CROCHET menu, and later Topy's webshop has opened HERE.



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