Start of his  journey: 12. September 2015.
Height (sitting/standing): 14,5 cm (5.7") / 18,5 cm (7.3")
Weight: 165 g (0.36 lb) with backpack
Aim: Travel around Hungary

Teddy was born earlier than Koala but he was so devoted to us that he spent a couple of weeks with us. Then he decided to travel around in Hungary as there are so many wonderful things to see here! He would like to colour the map of Hungary with his little green paws and his big dream is to reach every single settlement in the country.

Should he join you, make an excursion in Hungary and take some photos of him! There is only one thing he loves better than posing: stuffing his belly with honey. It can easily happen that you cannot make a picture of him as by the time you switch on your camera, he is already on his way to get some honey. Or the opposite: he unexpectedly crawls into your photo with a huge honey jar.


Send the photo(s) to and tell where you have been, what is worth to know about that place, why you went there…anything you would like to share with us. Then give Topy to anyone who would also like to help him to continue his journey.


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Has he already been near your place?


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