Start of his journey: 12. March 2016.
Height (sitting/standing): 15.5 cm (6.1") / 20 cm (7.8")
Weight: 171 g (0.38 lb) with backpack

Travel around the World and make new friends.



Topy Panda was born to make an attempt to an unorganized travel around the world, completely left to its fate.

While Teddy and Koala usually travels with my friends or with me pre-organized and they come back home after each trip to Budapest, Panda is a classic backpacker. He travels whoever he meets with during his trip.



After he took a trip in my 2 hometowns Kadarkút and Budapest, on 14 June 2016 I gave him to a friend who travelled abroad. I asked him to give Panda during his holiday to someone who wishes to travel with him. And so on.

Panda's legs and arms are moveable and his paws are pure Topy paws. His backpack hides a message in case of he would be lost.



Should he join You, take him with you and take some photos! Send the photo(s) to and tell where you have been, what it is worth to know about that place, why you went there…anything you would like to share with us. Then give Topy to anyone who would also like to help him to continue his journey.

He is a really nice fellow traveller and he makes do with only a little bamboo. He only wishes if he could make new friends in all over the World.


Follow Topy on Facebook to know where he is.
In the Map you can check if Topy has already been close to your place.

Topy Panda's best photos



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