Start of his journey: 12. August 2015.
Height (sitting/standing): 13,5 cm (5.3") / 18 cm (7.1")
Weight: 135 g (0.3 lb) with backpack
Aim: Travel around the world and get in the sitcom The Big Bang Theory


After diligent crocheting, the last piece of yarn has found its place on the slim(ish) body of Topy on 7. August 2015. His raised eyebrows, naughty smile and barrel-shaped body is really fascinating. Not speaking about how adorable he is with his orange paws!

Topy’s aim is no less than to discover the whole world. Should he join You, take him with you and take some photos! He loves posing so you have to be careful! It can happen that he photobombs your picture or blots out the sights. Of course no one regret it as Topy is the cutest one on the photo!
His big dream is to meet Sheldon Cooper in The Big Bang Theory.


So take Topy with you and take photos to become part of this adventure!

Send the photo(s) to and tell where you have been, what is worth to know about that place, why you went there…anything you would like to share with us. Then give Topy to anyone who would also like to help him to continue his journey.


Follow Topy on Facebook to know where he is.
In the Map you can check if Topy has already been close to your place.


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