Lake Constance and Liechtenstein

07-08-2016 Krumbach, Hittisau, Alberschwende, Lochau, Bregenz, Feldkirch, State border, Schaan, St. Anton am Arlberg, Stuben, Zürs, Lech, Doren, Sulzberg, Grosser Alpsee, Hallstatt

Reni, Ági and Zsolti made an excursion around Lake Constance in June and our favorite traveling Koala joined them. You can read Reni's travelogue about their well-packed trip below.



"This was my first trip with Topy Koala and we had loads of fun taking him everywhere and making photos with him, just as with Topy Teddy before. I could take him to my favourite brother. We traveled to Austria during the night so Topy spent the time with sleeping. After we clinked our glasses of rosé he fell asleep quickly during the 10 hour coach trip :) We arrived to our first accommodation in Krumbach at dawn. The tiny town is famous about its unique bus stops, like this:



Our next overnight stop was in Hittisau. The super-duper photo about the rainbow was also made here :) My brother said: "Sorry girls, I could prepare only this".



We continued the trip on Saturday to Lake Constance. From here we went to Liechtenstein due to the special request of Topy's dearest creator, Marina (Thank you very-very much!! -Marina), our destination was Schaan, the biggest settlement in the monarchy. Then we went up to the 1500-1700 meter high mountains - I have never been on that high mountains before.



On Sunday we went also to Germany a bit. We traveled through Doren, in Sulzberg it was raining and the clouds unfortunately covered the panorama. We had some coffee at Grosser Alpsee in Germany.



On Monday we slept in Vienna - Topy has already been there so we made no photos. On Tuesday he arrived very-very tired after traveling 960km.

Topy is a great fellow traveler, I hope I will have a chance to take him with me another time, too, just as Topy Teddy who will adjoin me for the umpteenth time in August when we will travel around Lake Balaton ;)"


Big thanks to Reni and her friends for marking 16 new paws on the map.


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