Trips of the last two months

11-16-2016 Munich, Munich BMW Welt, Södertälje, Stockholm, Slagsta, Drottningholm, Mariefred, Livramento (Azores), Furnas (Azores), Atlantic Ocean (Azores), Porto Formoso (Azores), Caldeira Velha (Azores), Sete Cidades (Azores), Algar do Carvao (Azores), Lagoa Do Fogo (Azores), Ribeira dos Caldeiroes (Azores), Santa Maria (Azores), Nordeste (Azores), Pico Longo (Azores), Lisbon, Muhi, Lillafüred, Bükkszentkereszt, Debrecen, Zsámbék, Tata, Agostyán Arboretum, Gyermely, Gyarmatpuszta (Gyermely), Kabláspuszta (Gyermely), Tarján

I owe you lots of photos from the last two months. Thanks to 5 different companions, 31 new paws and 154 photos were just added on Topy's map, so let's start. I highlight only some photos in the article, you can check the whole galery below, under the article.


- 1 -

Koala had just arrived from Australia, next day he already went to Munich with Luca to sightseeing and enjoy the Octoberfest. They have already travelled together when they dashed through the rainy Venice so Luca became a recurrent companion of Topy. One of my favorite photos was taken in the BMW Museum where Topy blended into his environment so perfectly that I could not find him on this photo at first sight:



But he is a striking phenomena in front of the Field Marshal's Hal:



- 2 -

After Germany the Atlantic Ocean was next. Topy took great adventures on Azores, which belongs to Portugal. He went there with one of my ex-colleagues, Zsuzsi. I know you won't check the map :) so I show you where they were:



These are only some teaser so really scroll down to see the whole galery because they took photos resulting in 13 new paws on the map. Moreover after they explored the islands…



...they went to Lisbon, too:



- 3 -

The next station was Sweden where Topy went with Csilla. I've got to know Csilla in a craft group. She and Topy didn't assemble any furniture in Stockholm, but they found a time machine and they went back to the past:



5 new paws show on the map where they have been in and around Stockholm.



Since then Topy is got to Klári, with whom he is englighting in India now. They will return in the end of November, so you have to wait for more photos ;)


- 4 -

Meanwhile Teddy Topy took his first box-trip to Debrecen so he travelled by the Hungarian Post Office. We didn’t know each other with Judit before but she contacted me couple of months ago to let me know that she would be glad to show Debrecen to Topy. Topy’s calendar is usually full for months ahead but I was looking forward to be able to send Topy to her as she was waiting for him so much :) Once he arrived he also helped Judit to create her beautiful soutache jewelry.


You can check the jewelry on the etsy shop of Judit (KicsiYu Design) HERE


Beside Debrecen there are three other new paws on the map at Muhi, Lillafüred and Bükkszentkereszt – thanks to Judit and her husband, Zoli who chased Teddy Topy without sparing his own soundness to every possible place to make as many photos as possible.



- 5 -

After that Teddy Topy visited Márti in Gyermely – she already traveled with Koala Topy in Namibia. I still love Márti’s photos, just like this one from Zsámbék:


Can you find Teddy?


Thanks for Márti you can find more photos in the galery from Tata, Gyermely (Gyarmatpuszta, Kabláspuszta) and Tarján.


Teddy is with Anna now, seeking for new adventures, moreover they also won a prize on a game recently :) They visit many new places! I will show you the photos once Anna gets enough of traveling and passes Teddy back to me with her beautiful pictures :) 


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