Topy has opened his shop


Last month we celebrated the 1st anniversary of the start of Topy Koala's his journey and now we are celebrating Teddy's 1st anniversary. Teddy also has done a great job since he has put 178 paws on our map and has shown us how fun it is to travel with him as 811 photos of his trip have been uploaded.

I must confess I've had a delay in reporting about him since he has travelled a lot in the last few weeks and I haven't uploaded his photos yet. So those photos are not calculated in the numbers total above. I will make it up, teddy's honor!


Topy Teddy's first trip with his first companions


But for now, on this illustrious occasion let me share with you why I've been so lazy :o)

What happend was that after 10 years I quit my job a few months ago. I may write about it longer on a later date but for now it is enough to say that I had spent long, long hours in the same office and after I started this blog I realized that I was more interested in a skein of yarn than the statistics I had to make while our managers spent their holiday far away from us. Okay, okay, that was not nice... but true. :o)


When I quit I didn't really know what would come so I was freaked out. The pieces of the puzzle needed some time to come together and I think they are in place now. One thing was certain and that was my love for crocheting but I knew I wouldn't be able to crochet 8-10 hours a day because I would be bored of it and my arms couldn't handle that. But at the beginning I really enjoyed designing my Topy teddies and that I could create something new. So finally I've found myself at the point where I am about to open Topy's shop on ETSY.COM.


- Mostly I will publish my own designed amigurumies's patterns which crocheters can use to create their amigurumies with. The only patterns I will never publish are "Topy patterns" like Koala Topy, Teddy Topy and Panda Topy. Sorry. But there will be lots of super sweet teddies and other buddies that I hope you won't be able to stop admiring :o)

- On the other hand I will crochet amigurumies on my own since not everyone can crochet.

Don't be surprised you will only find two patterns in Topy's ETSY shop for now. Like this sweet teddy's pattern:



He is Marcell, the cute honey-addicted teddy bear. But why are there no other items in the shop?! Two simple reasons. First of all, this whole venture is brand new to me so I need to figure it out. On the other hand, I am caught in the crocheter's trap: there are dozens of semi-finished amigurumies in my home waiting for me to finish them. I have too many ideas and I can't wait to show them all.


So please cheer for me because all the positive energy is needed for a beginner like me. If you have any questions or ideas/resmarks, please let me know by sending an e-mail to or leave me a comment under this article, or send me smoke signals or a homing pigeon. :o)


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