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01-03-2017 Copenhagen

Maybe you remember that our Koala's trip ended in Sweden in the last travelogue. After that he went to India, but exceptionally we are not making it chronologically. After India he traveled to Copenhagen with Márti (he already travelled with her to Namibia), you can see her photos now. But if you notice on the photos, there is a telltale sign on Topy's forehead from his trip before, for example here with the sculpture of The Little Mermaid in the background:


Márti and Topy spent the second weekend of December in the capital city of Denmark. The weather was not too nice at the beginning, so first they took a sightseeing bus. Later they had some luck - and some sunshine. They didn't have a rest even for a second and visited the most popular sights of Copenhagen. You can find all the photos under one paw in the MAP menu, but I will show you here, how many places they have been to:


They went to Nyhavn to see the canal with the beautiful, brightly coloured townhouses:


Sometimes they had a rest but only for a photo. Here you can see Márti meditating (sorry Márti! :)), with our koala on her lap. In the background you can see the winter residence of the Danish royal family, the Amelienborg Palace, and the Frederik's Church (Marmorkirken) behind it. They even could see the changing of the Royal Guard.


They had fun in Tivoli, the famous amusement park of Copenhagen...


They looked for some eucalyptus in the Botanical Garden.


This building - that was a warehouse before - is the Noma, the best restaurant in the world with two Michelin-stars. It is almost impossible to get in there. Of course Topy could have easily made it but once he found out that they have no eucalyptus, he rather skipped it and hunted for other sights.


Copenhagen is famous for its houseboats, they visited some near the restaurant...


...they proceed to the Rosenborg Castle, where Topy met some new friends in the park, and they could catch the changing of the Guard again.


The next stop was the the Slothsholmen Island with the Christiansborg Palace, where Topy hopped on a bicycle...


...and cycled to Strøget, whis is the longest pedestrian shopping street in the World.


And finally my most-most-most favorite photo from this trip: Márt and Topy taking a nap during the sightseeing:


You can see the whole photo gallery below, and a new paw on the MAP. If you visit Copenhagen, don't forget to take pictures of yourself where Topy did. If you send that photo to Topy, you will get a huge teddy smile from him ;)

Million thanks again to Márti for the lot of photos and for patiently helping me to identify the locations. I could select from almost 100 photos and it would have been very hard to find out by myself which was taken where. I have never been to Copenhagen, still while writing the blog I felt like I was also there :)


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