Thank you Micu!


I promised you to introduce Micu - Pálma Puskás - who helped Topy to celebrate his 1st anniversary of starting his journey in Australia.


Topy is still strolling around in Melbourne, more photos coming soon


Micu sent me a mail after she read the article (it is in Hungarian) about me on in March and offered me to help Topy to travel to different places. I was so happy because I instantly knew she was crazy like me and she is also fan of creative stuff. She also has a website, which is about Mail Art, sending creative and funny letters/postcards. wrote an article about her, too. You can read that HERE (it is in Hungarian).




We soon met and she started to list a bunch of countries where she could help Topy to travel to. The list was very impressive and finally I chose Australia because my dream was that Topy could get to the land of the koalas. Thanks to her so much for the great help! And I'm grateful to and Zsófia Gerecs for asking if she could write an article about me because without her I couldn't get to know Micu.

In order to introduce her to you, I asked her to tell what had happened to her since the article of, how she had met Nicole and what we should create in August... ;)


What has happened to you since the article in 11/10/2014 and how is "Mail a Smile" doing?

Many people subscribed to our newsletter after the article was published. Some of them became regular participants. The project was running for almost two years. In the spring of 2016 after a few months of break, it is back on. That is the time when my friend, Nicole has joined. We are hoping to have more people participating. Sadly, at the moment only a few people take time to sit down and create something but we hope a lot more of the 200 subscribers will join us in the future.



How have you met Nicole?

I have gotten to know Nicole thanks to Mail a Smile. In the beginning of the project I received a box full of gifts and love from her as a thank you for making this project. I returned her letter with a package full of gifts and we haven't stopped exchanging letters ever since. It has been over two years. This year in 2016, we met here in Budapest for the first time when she came to visit me. We developed a relationship that I call true friendship.


Nic and Micu in Budapest


What is your project for August?

Watermelon is the next topic and we are sending the letters/postcards to anyone who is celebrating a birthday/nameday/anniversary/wedding etc...


Do you have any tips for those who would like to join your projects but never tried it before?

Don't underestimate yourself. I think many people don't participate because they are afraid what they make is not "good or pretty” enough. I think creating helps to unleash your hidden creativity. I do believe every single one of us has a creative side. Everyone can create a nice postcard, you can't make it wrong, there is no failing in Mail Art. Everyone is happy to receive a postcard in the mail, no one is going to judge your work. The most important thing is that you create something from your heart and make someone happy.


One of the creations of August


What does Mail a Smile give you and what do you like in it the most?

I love letter writing, crafting, and making people happy. Mail a Smile has the whole package. The biggest gift of the whole project is the friendship I found with Nicole.


Topy is celebrating his 1st anniversary of starting his journey in Australia, with Naomi. How had you got to know her?

Naomi is writing a book about all things creative and quirky to do with snail mail. She contacted me  if I would be interested in being part of it. I was happy to answer a few of her questions moreover I helped her to do some background research.


If you would like to join Micu and Nicole, you can find them on or on Facebook HERE.

I like the 21st century, I like that with the help of Internet and some creativity the World opens out. Walk with open eyes in your life and also on world wide web. ;)



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