Our 1st anniversary


One year ago to the day Topy, our favourite koala has started his journey to travel around the world.

First, some statistics:


- 5 continents

- 19 countries

- 81 koala paws on our map

- 517 photos of Koala



Since his departure he – and also we – had a lot of fun. Although it was not me who travelled and visited so many wonderful places as Topy, still I am very grateful: I have a new hobby, made new friends and had a lot of positive experiences.

But wait a second! There are only 18 countries above! And if you check the map carefully you can see paws ‘only’ on 4 continents. The fifth one is Australia. Voilà! Topy spends his first anniversary of his departure on the land of koalas! This is the first place where Topy was mailed by post. He prepared to the trip with his younger brother to get to their Aussie host, Naomi:



Naomi is a journalist, an author and mom of two beautiful children. You can find out more about her on http://naomibulger.com. I am very thankful to her for taking care of Topy Down Under. And I am much obliged to Micu, too, as without her this trip could not come true. I will also introduce her to You soon, until then there you go, count how many flags there are:



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