On the land of the koalas

08-24-2016 Melbourne, Sydney, Taronga Zoo

You may already knew that Topy celebrated his 1st anniversary in Australia. I wanted to upload all the photos at the same time which I’d got from there. It was worth waiting for! You can see the whole gallery under this article. You will see stunning photos but let’s start at the beginning:

Topy started his journey on 19th of July and that was his first „box-trip” (sent by post) and it took about 10 days to get to Melbourne, to Naomi. I wrote her that it was Topy’s „birthday” in August, and her children wanted to throw him a party.


Naomi’s children didn’t let him to be bored even for a second


They showed him around the city of Melbourne. Naomi was so kind to write short notes to almost all of her photos. You can see them by opening the photos. (Maybe you can’t see the longer notes on mobile, we are working on it, bear with us.)


Flinders Street Railway Station


To make one of Topy’s big dreams come true they rode the ferry across Sydney Harbour to Taronga Zoo, where he finally got to meet a real aboriginal koala! Koalas sleep almost the whole day, so the two of them had a little nap together on a tree. What a real koala party and the best anniversary gift! 


Good night Bro!


And „by the way” they admired the Sydney Opera House and the Harbour Bridge, too. Wow, how much adventure within a month. 


Opera House


Topy will jump into a box soon and come back home to Budapest. I’m a little worried for him to reach his destination again. But if everything goes well the whole world will open up to him because I won’t be afraid that much to post him anywhere.

Many many thanks to Naomi for this beautiful journey! Micu, can you see what a miracle you helped in!? :)


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