06-09-2016 Hamakari Guest Farm, Windhoek Airport, Frankfurt Airport

Márti read about Topy in my Valentine's Day project and she contacted me in March to tell that she would be happy to take our favorite koala with her to an African hunter trip.

I was so happy about it because Topy had been to Africa only once and what's more that was his first trip abroad. After some e-mail exchanges Topy found out fast that Márti could be his ideal fellow traveller because she likes hiking and taking photos, even more she's a good photographer. So they caught a flight together in the end of May to discover the African wildlife.



Topy got to know lots of new animals who he had met never before. For example he saw many antelopes, kudus and waterbucks, springboks and nyalas, also impalas which didn't have four wheels. He also saw zebras, giraffes and he became a friend of a warthog piglet. Later he asked different kinds of birds if there is some eucalyptus thereabout.



There wasn't so after one week stuffed with exciting African adventures he came back home but only for a short time. I hereby thank Márti for her beautiful photos and that she took Topy with herself. Three new koala paws are on our map and you can see all the photos belonging them under this article.


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