01-13-2017 Oneness University, Natham, Nemam

We used to be colleagues with Klári. Then we haven’t met for years. I only knew that she deals with “some Indian something” :) Some years ago she organized one of this “something” on my birthday so I thought I have to try it. Although I felt that the course wasn’t for me at that time, I clearly saw that Klári was more balanced than ever. I knew that she found her path because she was full of positive energy.




As she saw Topy Koala’s trips she told me that she could bring him to India. So in the beginning of November 2016 they started off their adventure to let also Topy englighten at World Oneness University. Klári told me that visitors come from all over the world and they help to thousands of people. 750 people (+1 koala) attended this special 21 day course.


source: facebook


Klári has previously graduated from the University as advanced level trainer and now she teaches others in Hungary. This course in November was also attended by more people from Hungary so Topy enhanced the Hungarian team. :) They have been in the Oneness Temple and in the Holy Forest, too. As Klári told there are very good energies in that forest so they often hold fire ceremonies there.



Later they had some time to make some trips in southern India and they brought photos from two places. In Natham they visited the birthplace of Sri Bhagavan, the founder of Oneness University where they are building a temple…



…and in Neman they visited the ashram of Sri Amma, the other founder of the University.



You can see the gallery below. Hereby I thank her again for this unique trip and the photos!

Oneness University







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