Got heart - 500 hidden hearts in Budapest


When last year I crocheted 100 small hearts and hid them in various places in Budapest, I decided that this year I would do that again, and I would make even more.



Got heart! This year I’ve dispatched 500 tiny crochet hearts with this message. On the one hand it is obvious that the one who finds a heart, gets a heart – so (s)he has got heart. On the other hand with this short message I also wanted to draw attention that good dwells in everyone. In you, too! I meant this sentence to plant a seed of an idea, which I hope will germinate in some people. :)



Last year the travelling Topy Teddy was the host of the Valentine’s Day project, and this year Marcell Teddies of the Topy family helped me. They are literally heartful teddies as I really put a crochet heart into their bodies when I make them. They were extremely effective helpers in this tiny hearts project and I have an audio-visual proof for that:



I crocheted 40 hearts on average each day and used about 400 meters of yarn in total. Then I cut the cards, made a hole and tied the hearts to them. Meanwhile I took lots of photos which I used to create the video above. I think the result is pretty cool considering that I’m not a photographer or a film editor :D



I started to crochet the hearts on the 1st of January so I finished everything in time but I had to ask my friends to help me to hide the hearts. I think, without them I would be running in the streets with the hearts until Christmas. Thanks to them there are hidden hearts in almost all the districts of Budapest so I am really happy. We've started to hide the hearts on the 2nd of February, and we can finish it sometime before Valentine's Day.


Update (02/06/2017)

Since I wrote my blog’s name on the cards, people started to send photos of the found hearts.




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