Denver and Mexico

07-19-2016 Denver, Chichen Itza, Cancun, Greeley

Kata asked me in February if she could bring Topy to the Americas. I marked it right away in Topy’s Koalendar that he will be busy between 23 June and 10 July.

They discovered Denver together, while visiting the university, Topy even got a square graduate koala cap. Red Rocks, Seven falls, rodeo in the town of Greeley, lunch in an authentic American restaurant and of course celebrating 4 th of July – these were all parts of their trip.



In Mexico they didn’t only tan on the beautiful sandy beach of Cancun but they also visited the ruins of Chichen Itza which is a UNESCO World Heritage site since 1988.



Many many thanks to Kata for offering such a special trip for Koala even we didn’t know each other at all. Even more she wrote a travelogue, too – dictated by Topy:


“Huh, sorry for waiting such a long time, I needed some time to digest this wonderful experience. Oh yes, I am Topy if anyone wouldn’t know yet. I have been to Denver, Colorado! One step forward to Hollywood…I also met with actors and actresses even if it was in theatre not in film. No worries, it was fun making photos on stage.

My owner, Marina has already shared where I have been so I don’t repeat it here again. But what she didn’t mention is: I eventually became a star in the States. Wherever I went to make a photo, everybody was very helpful and no one looked at me in astonishment. As it was absolutely ordinary that a koala rides a pony or eats a burger on the rodeo. I wonder if it is normal? Hmm…



And Mexico! A place for me, at least for the heat and the humidity. Huh, how great it was to lie on the shores of the ocean! We could stay there a bit longer…But Denver and bulk of experiences were waiting for us to return. Just imagine, I have been to a place where they keep saved big cats. Well I was a bit afraid while crawling above them. (There are no cages, the cats have spacy yards and you can watch them from the bridge above.)

Now I have to go begin my next adventure. Check the photos below. Greetings to Everyone: Topy”


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