Corfu and Szeged

09-28-2015 Sidari, Glyfada Beach, Kouloura, Palaiokastritsa, Antipaxos, Mélykút, Szeged

We received last weeks’ photos, there are a lot to admire.

Topy Koala first conquered a new country with Ramcsi and discovered the wonderful Greek island of Corfu. My favourite photo is Topy’s selfie of his paws and his name written in the sand :) You can check the gallery below this post.




After arriving home he didn’t have much time to rest as the next day he was already on way to southern Hungary where Gréta showed him around. She writes:


„Unfortunately in Mélykút we couldn’t really stroll around due to the grape harvest in the morning and the bad weather in the afternoon. Topy wanted to help in the vineyard but he couldn’t reach the vines... :) Instead he spent great time with Polar Teddy and Bigpaw.



The weather was way better in Szeged, the city of sunshine. I rode my bike and Topy watched the city from my bag. First I took him to river Tisza as he has already seen Danube many times. He wanted to have a selfie so we made one.



Then we made our way to the rightly famous cathedral. Unfortunately the main facade is currently covered by scaffolding so we took a picture from the other side of this wonderful building. Of course Topy couldn’t resist the temptation to jump into the photo... ;)

We hope that by the time Topy Teddy visits Szeged the cathedral will be fully renovated. :)


Szeged is a university city so there are a lot of students. We have seen some universities and Topy’s favourite is the central building of the University of Szeged with the musical fountain on the square in front of it. We listened to some sonnets.


Our final stop was at the Reök palace. It is one of Europe’s nicest Art Nouveau buildings. Nowadyas the palace is used for temporary exhibitions, literary & musical programs and small theatrical plays.


Fortunately we had very nice weather during our excursion in Szeged but I hope Topy Koala also enjoyed Mélykút!

I whis him more wonderful trips!


Greetings, Gréti”


Thanks again Gréti for your wonderful photos and travelogue! :)



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