About me


I'm Marina Bellai, yarn-addicted. Though I wasn't interested in yarn when I was a child. A 2*10 cm sized scarf was the biggest creation I knitted to my teddy bear. In the Summer of 2015 I started to learn crocheting in order to create a koala and send him to travel all around the World. He is Topy. I started this blog to make his adventures trackable.


Wien - 11/2015


Meanwhile Teddy Topy started to travel around Hungary and I fell in love crocheting that much that one day I crocheted 100 hearts and hid them in different places of Budapest. Then new creations came one by one, mainly amigurumies. So that is how I've become yarn-addicted and a blogger. Finally I quit my job 


If you want to say hi to our traveling teddies or to me feel free to write here: hello@topysworld.com

You can find Topy's webshop HERE.


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